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Smart Building

smart building system HDC I·CONTROLS
A smart building system that creates a pleasant, safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable living space.
The smart building system is an intelligent system that applies ICT to a building and offers automated functions, integrated security functions, video & sound functions, energy management functions etc. and completes the modernization of any building.
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Details of Smart building

Firefighting electricity

intelligent fire administration system HDC I·CONTROLS
An intelligent fire fighting system that prioritizes your safety.
This system prevents fire and accidents in a building and installs a risk prevention center, to monitor and control fire and accident situations, at the reception desk. Its intelligent system design offers automatic fire detection facilities, emergency broadcasting facilities and ventilation facilities to provide stability and build trust.
Fire outbreak scenario
Automatic fire detection system
This system alerts the building operators immediately of a fire outbreak by automatically detecting heat or smoke, at the earliest stage of any fire.

The system comprises an R-type receiver, a repeater, a power board and a detector. In case of fire outbreak it interlocks with other facilities for immediate fire detection, fire extinguishing and fire alert.

Evacuation lighting system
This lighting is to initiate evacuation in case of fire and it is installed on evacuation routes, hallways, passages, etc.

This product uses high-brightness LEDs giving superb and stable luminosity and outstanding visibility. The product can be easily installed even in the narrowest spaces.

Machine facility

Machine facility
This project proposes and constructs systems to create the best environment for life and to enhance the quality of life.
  • Hygiene facility - This facility provides water sewage system, septic tank system and hygienic facility construction & management.
  • Cooling & heating facility – This facility maintains a pleasant temperature in living spaces using convection currents · conduction · and the radiation of heat.
  • Air conditioning facility - This facility provides pleasant air through filtering, and controlling the temperature, humidity and flow of air.
  • Waste transfer facility - This hygienic and convenient facility transfers and processes household waste using pipes installed in the home.