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Smart Infrastructure

smart building system HDC I·CONTROLS
Offers smart solutions and the best
service for social infrastructure operations.
We offer integrated solutions to improve the operational efficiency of social infrastructure by applying the latest ICT to roads, railways, ports, airports, etc.
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    Smart Road

    Private investment projects Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS) Solution development, planning/construction

  • 02

    Smart Rail

    Signal / Electric line
    Communication / Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)
    Platform Screen Door (PSD)
    Baggage Handling System (BHS)
    Management Information System(MIS)
    Solution development, design / construction

  • 03

    Smart Port

    Terminal Operation System
    Gate Automation System
    Terminal Control System
    Information / communication infrastructure
    Solution development

  1. A system offering safe and efficient traffic control operation

    We provide safe and efficient traffic control operation systems through applying the latest technology: electronic control, communications, etc., to conventional roads.

  2. Total E&M solution provision for the Smart Railway

    We provide railways, signals, communications, machines, electricity, power-system construction and high quality engineering services.

  3. Provide automated integrated solution for container terminals

    We supply integrated port-management information systems that use the latest technology for automated cargo terminals