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CEO’s Greeting

We will do our best to create
a safe and pleasant working/living
environment for our customers.


HDC ICONTROLS is an enterprise that specializes in IBS. Since its foundation, we have been the leader of environmentally friendly construction in the IT industry providing the best IT solutions and structuring the optimal working environment and culture.

Our outstanding technology leads construction in the IT area and with this we carry out a variety of key projects through many different business areas such as; smart buildings (IBS,BAS) smart homes (H/N, home ventilation), infrastructure construction (roads, railways, port management systems, etc.), environmentally friendly LED lighting & energy efficiency, and are building a solid reputation as the industry’s leader.

In the future, we will continue to be the best in our industry, offering a better life to our customers and building a reliable world through our home IoT, smart buildings that manage their own energy use, green energy for the environment and efficiency, etc.

Thank you